Essential Guide to Follow for Renting Condos

Renters need to keep in mind some general insights as an essential guide to follow for renting condos. Topping the list is to make sure the condo association allows rental units, and try to get a feel for how neighboring residents view renters. It could make a difference in the long term for how happy you will be if you end up living in that particular condo community.


Costs of renting a condo may be similar to renting an apartment, but oftentimes, there are additional expenses related to the property being owned by the landlord who pays maintenance fees to an association. Read the fine print on any lease and discuss them at length with your landlord. You will have to decide if you want recreational amenities such as a pool, community building or fitness center, and if you are expected to pay fees to enjoy those amenities.

Topping the list of essentials for renting condos is location, location, location. Find a location that is most convenient and consistent with your daily/weekly activities and commutes. Life is easier if you don’t have to commute a long distance to working at a job, taking into account potential seasonal weather conditions that can interrupt that commute. Living close to your personal family physician or dentist makes getting to appointments easier and will keep you healthier longer. How often do you shop for groceries or pick up medications at a pharmacy? Check for conveniently located shopping centers, big box or home improvement stores, or strip malls for buying from local businesses. Do you like to eat out? Find a condo situated near a variety of restaurants.

There are numerous municipal, county, or real estate websites that offer statistics about the local crime rates in the areas you’re considering living in, and some even pinpoint where felons are known to live. Don’t find out the hard way that crime is a problem in a particular neighborhood and that may be the reason rent prices are lower. Compare area rent prices, and consider taking a casual drive around the neighborhood. Follow your instincts if something doesn’t feel right to you.

Noise levels are important to many people. Do you work a late shift and need to sleep during the day? Does the condo have a large playground or dog park signalling a family/pet friendly building? Check if the condo building is close to a major freeway or busy nighttime establishments. Is it adjacent to a large college where students frequently come and go on a seasonal basis? Is the parking lot full of sports cars, motorcycles, diesel pickup trucks or hot rods? You’ll have to decide if you prefer a lively living environment or a more secluded and serene situation conducive to frequent rest or nap times.

Most condos have an online presence with reviews. Check out the reviews, bearing in mind that many people use those venues to vent and complain. Look for consistencies, but also keep an open mind.


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